Saturday, January 24, 2015

Who we are?

We are NS Lover, And PMLN supporters!

What We Want?

We want to expose PTI and IK. Prize the good actions of PMLN and criticize the bad governance of PMLN/PTI/PPP.

What you can do?

Just join your hands together with us in order to address different issues on PMLN governance, like our official Page, Become a part of PMLN social Media team. Pose your questions about any issue regarding PMLN. Give your suggestions and play a positive role

Official Page Policy

If you want to become the part of our RO Imran Ro team you have to obey the following rules &regulations
Now suppose you are the admin of the page!
  • You can Share maximum three post form other pages per day
  • You can add up to six post /status form your own (Your creations –not copy paste)  per day.
  • While posting you should give at least 45 minutes interval between tow posts (to get maximum reach)
  • You will not supposed to add or share females photos, virgules/curse status
  • Write Your Name or code name after each and every post.
  • Show you presence on page, don’t disappear form page for more than three months.
  • You are neither supposed to remove any team member nor will this authority be given to you.

Following are the steps which will help to get 100,000 likes for this page, and you are supposed to follow them!
  • Reply and like the Comments added by the users on your posts or status.
  • Raise some issues instead of sharing regular things!
  • Criticize PTI or any other party for construction not for destruction.
  • Share page amount your circle of friends, groups and pages
  • Tag your post with your friends at least once in a weak.
  • Create your own content! Be unique and follow the Template of the post.
  • Once you are removed due to violation of page policy you will not be restored
 If you agree the terms and conditions mention above then Clik here 
Check back soon!
Ro Imran Ro!